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Tila Tequila realized her life would only lead to disaster if she lived in Texas, so she moved to Hollywood to find a better calling. Tila's career began when she was spotted at a mall at the age of eighteen by a Playboy scout, and was offered a chance to model for Playboy. She at first declined, but decided to accept after several more offers were made. As a result, she became the first Asian to achieve Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Month title. Tila Tequila gained popularity through modeling in the Import Racing Scene. She has been featured on the cover of the magazine Import Tuner, as well as modeling at many car shows, including Hot Import Nights. In the Street Racing Syndicate video game, Tila Tequila is featured as an unlockable dancer. Tila Tequila was also a contestant on VH1's Surviving Nugent, a reality TV show where she would do various tasks and stunts for Ted Nugent. Leanna Scott, a nude model who performed in a pornographic video and who happens to resemble Tila, was being marketed by a number of porn sites as Tila, which started a rumor that Tila had performed in hardcore pornography. Tila Tequila publicly announced on her MySpace blog that it was not her in the video. Tila was featured as a cover story for the April 2006 of Stuff magazine. In the interview, she mentions how her Tila Tequila nickname comes from her friends, when they found out about Tila's allergic reactions to alcohol.

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