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Shay Laren (born in Georgia) is the Penthouse Pet of the month for June 2006. Laren, the eldest of four children, was an army brat, growing up in a number of military bases across the world. She spent her high school years in Germany. Shay Laren video and Shay Laren new wallpapers!

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Jessica Alba born in Pomona, CA on April 28, 1981. Jessica and her family moved to Bilox, Mississippi when she was an infant. Three years later, her Air Force father brought the family back to CA, then to Del Rio, Texas, before finally settling in southern CA when Jessica was nine.

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She did a chat session 18th of May 1998, in the members section of Playboy.
She was asked to tell them something about her that might surprise them. She said: "For the most part I do prefer women over men. Surprised?"
Someone wrote this follow-up question: "Given your predilection for women over men, what qualities are men lacking that women could teach them?"
Gillian: "Women could teach them a lot about oral sex. Women are so soft. Smooth on smooth."

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